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Over 153 pages Of AMAZING info that will change the way you look at Internet Marketing! Based on real world examples & case studies of other plumbing & HVAC contractors.

82 pages Of AMAZING tactics that will change the way you market your restaurant through social media! This book is based on real world examples & case studies of other restaurants and 10+ years of experience.

Let Me Tell You WHY I'm Making YOU This SWEET Deal, and Why You MUST Read Sell More Slices!

Over the past 12 years we've helped thousands of businesses improve their marketing and create online strategies that DRIVE sales. From 2008-2015 we worked with 30+ industries, then in 2015 we found a formula that worked specifically for restaurants and helped them see TRACKABLE results from their marketing.

"I Can't Deposit Likes At US Bank"

*My Restaurant Client Nick In April 2015

In April 2015 Nick, a restaurant client of mine, said "Matt I can't deposit likes at US Bank." For 5 years we'd been helping Nick market his 3 German Restaurants and breweries. One of the tactics we used to great success was Facebook & YouTube, except he didn't believe it worked.

The issue was Nick was not a user or believer in Social Media, he actually had a flip phone :) In April 2015 Nick asked me to change his mind. He wanted me to show him we could deliver trackable results from Facebook. So on April 26th we launched a "National Pretzel Day" promo through 3 Facebook posts and it ended up driving $18,000 in sales in 1 day!

That Monday Nick said "I can deposit $18,000...keep doing your thang!" With that the ROI Engine Restaurant Marketing Program was born. By 2018 I'd helped roll out this strategy in over 40 restaurants and decided to write my 1st book "Don't 86 Your Restaurant Sales." Then in 2019 we updated that book with my 2nd book "Sell More Slices."

The goal of both books is simple, to show restaurant owners and operators how they too can use Social Media to drive trackable sales and profits.

Meet The Author

Matt Plapp

My name is Matt Plapp and I've been in the digital marketing world since 1999.

Yes, SINCE 1999! My journey online started when my dad, brother and myself decided to start an online boat/rv dealership in September 1999. I bought a book on Adobe Pagemill Websites and the rest is history.

Over the next 9 years we grew that business to a $15 million per year dealership through online marketing. From 1999-2003 I also had a very successful career in radio advertising sales.

In 2007 I started helping my old clients from radio with their online marketing as a hobby and by 2008 I knew I belonged back in the marketing world.

In 2008 Driven Media Solutions was born, now known as Restaurant Marketing That Works.

Thousands Of Entrepreneurs From Around The US & Canada Have Enjoyed My Books!

Frutta Bowls - Mason, Oh

Billy Gene Shaw -San Diego, CA

Luis Rivera - Chicago, IL

Mikael Yang, ManyChat CEO

Franko Vidal - Montreal, Canada

Levi @ The Original Chipotle

Chay of Coconut Kenny's - WA

Rolf of Eureka Pizza - AK

It's A Great Read On A 2 Hour Plane Ride...Just Ask Chris :)


What's Inside The book?

Sample Pages 

The contents of this book took 10 years to figure out. I don't mean I was writing the book for 10 years, but that It took us thousands of marketing campaigns across many restaurants to figure out WHAT worked and WHY!

Check out a few more sizzling secrets revealed in this Free Book:
  • How one group of restaurants went saw 50% NEW CUSTOMERS in a short 6-Month span
  • How to take customers from an ad online into a marketing funnel to gather their birthday, cell phone # and email! 
  • How to write ad copy with a CALL TO ACTION that gets customers raising their hands.
  • Secrets to leveraging social media for more repeat customer visits!
  • 4-Walls marketing and how you can leverage you in-store traffic to easily grow your email & text customer list.
  • HOW TO track your front-end database value and FINALLY see an ROI from your marketing.

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Page 22. I layout your customers journey from ad, to database to WALKING into your store!

Page 65. We dig into building ads that convert and work! Let's stop making TERRIBLE Calls To Action!

Page 11. In this chapter I talk about the 3 ways to grow your restaurants sales through new & repeat visits & upsells.

Page 77. We did into ROI and how to TRACK your marketing. Finally, you can stop HOPING & PRAYING that your ad $$$$'s drive results.

The book is FREE, but just in case you want some reviews...HERE YOU GO :)

This Is a Truly Limited Offer, So Claim Yours Now Before They're All Gone. 

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